Gardening Essentials Course

Transform Your Backyard into a Vibrant Oasis

Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling field, we’ll help you start your own vegetable garden and begin harvesting this year.
Through hands-on workshops, you’ll learn all you need to succeed, including guidance on growing in this region’s specific climate.
Beyond our in-person trainings, we offer support throughout the year so you can meet each new month with confidence.

What Can You Expect?

The Gardening Essentials Course kicks off with three in-person workshops and provides you with yearlong support to ensure your new garden is a success.



Enrollment opens, closing January 31st.

February to April

We'll meet at the Garden Lab for three, two-hour sessions on Saturday mornings: February 18th, March 11th and April 1st.

April to December

You will have expert support through on-site office hours at the Garden Lab, as well virtual support via calls and text.


You will be invited to our winter planting session in October to understand planting techniques for a full year in Portugal.

Become Your Own Source of Organic Vegetables

Join Our Gardening Essentials Course and Let a Little Sunshine into Your Own Backyard

Join the Gardening Essentials Course

What's Included

Built on the Garden Lab's program that has trained dozens of successful gardeners, this course was created and will be taught by Green Elbows founder Rebecca Burton.

Proven Success

The Garden Lab’s simple and straightforward curriculum has helped dozens of novice gardeners harvest baskets of vegetables during their first year.

Three In-Person Workshops

  1. Gardening Fundamentals, Garden Design, Companion Planting, Succession Planting & Planting Calendars
  2. Nourishing the Soil, Planting Techniques, Sourcing Seeds and Seedlings, Approaches to Watering
  3. Ongoing Maintenance, Weed Control, Pest Management, Support Structures, Harvesting Techniques & Seasonal Transitions

Ongoing Support

You will receive weekly guidance via text and, as questions arise, Green Elbows is available by text and in person at the Garden Lab during office hours.

From the first tender peas, to the last juicy tomato, everything you harvest from your garden can be an incredible source of surprise, joy and deliciousness.

Rebecca BurtonGreen Elbows Founder

Essentials Course


We look forward to growing with you.

*Please note the price is per garden, rather than per person. (If there is more than one person involved in the same garden, the price remains 100€ total.)

Join the Gardening Essentials Course