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Community Garden: The Garden Lab

a yearlong gardening program with your own plot and all tools and materials included

Gardening Essentials Course

in-person workshops to guide you on starting a garden in your own backyard

What Our Members Are Saying

I can say the garden has been a success—even for a doubtful, non-green thumb person like me.

Angelika Kot

It’s not only amazing to harvest your own veggies, but having the community makes the entire garden project so very special.

Moritz Born

The best part about the Garden Lab is that it allowed me to simplify my life again in a communal and sustainable way while getting my hands dirty.

Charlie Benasich

I love the tomatoes, the kale, the zucchini. Everything was amazing and so delicious—and it was all about learning and growing together.

Kasia Majchrowska